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Vyoma Sanskrit Tour USA 2018

5th June to 17th July 2018, various cities Across USA
Vyoma Sanskrit brothers – Venkat and Viswanathan are visiting  different places in USA in the month of June & July 2018

About Vyoma Sanskrit Tour, USA 2018

This tour is a ‘Seva’ initiative by Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation (VLL).

VLL is the world’s first Sanskrit e-learning non-profit company, which has reached over 300,000 touch-prints; offering over 50 online Sanskrit courses and 16 e-learning products and free Android and iPhone apps.

What do we cover during the Vyoma Sanskrit Tour ?

‘One of its kind’ Lecture demonstrations to answer two questions  – Why Sanskrit and How Sanskrit?

If we want to experience the ‘Power of Sanskrit’ through activities, anecdotes and research-based content, this is the best method.

Interactive lecture demonstration, which details each power of Sanskrit and attempts to answer the golden question, ‘why should we learn Sanskrit’. 

Live demonstration of Vyoma Sanskrit tools would be performed to show ‘how we can learn Sanskrit’, in the most interactive and fun based way.

A generic ‘learning pathway’ would be shared which can demystify the process of learning Sanskrit.

For a sneak preview refer below links

Fun filled, Shloka & Sanskrit classes

Can we make our Sanskrit class really fun, with games (online and physical); Sanskrit rhymes with actions; making Rāmāyaṇa charts; singing and dancing for bhajans; playing antyakshari with Shlokas; and listening to interesting stories.

These classes can be experienced by children of all ages (including elders who are ‘child at heart’ J)

These classes would also involve using of Vyoma games and activities

Thematic discourses

Theme based Upanyasam can be performed, on various interesting aspects of SundaraKandam of śrīmadvālmīkirāmāyaṇam (Srimad-Valmiki-Ramayanam).

For eg: Leadership principles from sundarakāṇḍa (Sundara-Kandam); Finance & Auditing principles from SundaraKandam; Stress management through Sundara Kandam;  Values for Children from Sundarakadam etc.

Focused Grantha based discussions

We all have heard the maxim – Shatha-shlokena panditaha i.e (scholar through 100 shlokas).  If we are wondering how is this possible, we can take any one grantha and follow this ‘scholar-defined’ approach for studying Sanskrit granthas.

This involves reading the shloka, splitting of words, prose order, word-by-word meaning, analysis of every word for last detail, looking at sandhis and samasa, other pratyayas, chandas, alankara and vishesha tippanis.

Click here to see sample course on Bhagavadgita

BG-Chapter-1 Shloka-1-sample_pdf

Parayanam and Poojas at your home or your apartment

Praying for world-peace and lokakshema; we can conduct Parayanam of granthas like Devi Saptashathi; sundarakāṇḍa (Sundara-Kandam), etc; perform poojas like Sathyanarayana pooja, deepa pooja, Ganesa pooja; facilitate repetition based chanting of shlokas like Vishu/ Lalitha/ Ganesa Ssahasranamam; and lead homams like Ganapathi, Navagraha, Lalitha homams.

Sample Sundarakandam live

Featured Talks & Speakers

Two brothers, Shri. Venkata Subramanian and Shri. Viswanathan are a set of perfect combination, who complement each other in the areas of Samskritam- Samskriti- Samskara and other social initiatives.

Shri. Venkata Subramanian

Engineer and exponent in Vyakarana and Alankara Shashtra

Shri. Venkata Subramanian P is a Bachelor in Engineering and a postgraduate in construction management.

He has more than 18 years of rich corporate & project management experience.  He is also a certified Project Management Professional.

He has held various key positions in construction majors and project management consulting companies like Bovis Lendlease, Jones Lang lasalle, etc.  His last held position was Vice-President at facilities and construction major.

He is also an exponent in Vyakarana and Alankara Shashtra.  He has been teaching Sanskrit for the past 22+ years to more than 5000 students.

He has co-founded and is the Managing Director of the world’s first Sanskrit e-learning non-profit company – called Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation, (  to spread the message of Samskritam-Samskriti and Samskara (SSS) in a fun way, through technology.

In the last 5 years, Vyoma has reached touch prints of around 300,000 people with more than 50 online courses, 16 Sanskrit e-learning products, 16 free Android & iPhone apps.

His vision is to imbibe S-S-S consciousness in every individual on this earth.

Shri. Viswanathan

Chartered Accountant and Sanskrit exponent in Alankara Shastra

Shri. Viswanathan P, is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Certified Internal and Information Systems Auditor.  He is also a certified Project Management Professional.

He has around 16years of corporate experience in areas of Controllership, External and Internal Audits and various aspects of Governance, Risk and Compliance, including Control Analytics.

Some notable achievements include –Setting up an Internal Control-Centre of Excellence, Enabling a ‘central-hub’ based audit approach, and Piloting a project on Anomaly detection through control analytics.  His last held position involved handling group reporting for entire Unilever involving 100+ countries.  He also brings rich management consulting experience from his stints at KPMG and PWC.

 He is also Sanskrit exponent in Alankara Shastra.  He has been supporting Shri Venkat in teaching Sanskrit both through face to face and online modes.

He is a core sevarathee of Vyoma and works in all SSS initiatives.  He also leads another social initiative which involves providing ‘quality education support’ to rural and tribal kids through Aapatsahaaya Foundation

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